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Growth Hacking isn’t just about the numbers

When I first launched listr in closed beta at hackNY, I was obsessed with the numbers. I wanted a huge user base. 40,000 users later, we reached that goal. I thought it would be a smart idea to use a Dropbox type of invite scheme. A user is allowed to create two lists upon registration. They are forced to create a list during the tutorial. That leaves them with one more list that they can create with whatever blogs they want. After they have reached the limit, they have to invite 5 friends to be able to create a new list.

The number of users you have doesn’t matter if your users don’t use your product.

This method worked great. That is, until we realized that our users would create a list and then just stop using it. It hadn’t dawned upon me at the time that users were dissatisfied with our product and were leaving. They had no way to give us feedback or ask us questions. There was no...

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